Beeswax Lip Balm Refill 50g


The best way to care for your lips. Soothes, heals and protects. Good for broken cuticles and insect bites too. Ingredients: sweet almond oil; beeswax; cocoa butter.



We recommend you decant this into smaller pots for regular use. This much lip balm should last a long time. It is a stable product but will keep better in a cool environment with the lid on. It won’t like fluctuations of temperature or being contaminated by dirty fingers, so best to keep the bulk of it separately and refill smaller pots as you need them.

To decant, use a clean spoon or knife to remove some of the product. That can then be pushed into your smaller pot or, if it is cold and too hard, warm it slightly before putting it into the pot. To fill a twist-up stick, warm in a small dish over hot water until liquid then pour into the stick and allow to cool until solid.

Our Lip Balm is very similar to our Honey Bee Balm. The Lip Balm has slightly more beeswax so that it stays solid when kept in a pot in your pocket. If you want a balm to apply to larger areas of skin, try the Honey Bee Balm which will soften more readily at skin temperature. Apply the Honey Bee Balm by melting a pea sized lump between your palms and then smoothing onto the skin.


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