Beeswax Repair Cream

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For use on hands, feet, elbows, knees – anywhere that needs that little bit extra. Great for those who work (or play) outdoors in all weathers. A thick protective cream. You don’t need much.

100g packaged in a tin rather than a jar so you can take it anywhere.

Ingredients: vegetable glycerine; sweet almond oil; coconut oil; beeswax and essential oils.



Made to the same recipe as the Foot Cream and Gardeners Hand Cream, but with different essential oils: peppermint for tired feet; lavender for hard working hands; lime, lavender and tea tree for extra healing.

vegetable glycerine;
prunus amygdalus (sweet almond oil);
cocos nucifera (coconut oil);
cera flava (natural, unrefined beeswax);
citrus aurantifolia (lime);
lavendula angustifolia (lavender essential oil);
malaleuca alternifolia (tea tree).



10 reviews for Beeswax Repair Cream

  1. Pauline

    I received this comment from Claudia by email. She has agreed to my posting it here:
    I picked up a pot of repair cream and honey hand cream at the shop in Dolgellau on Friday. I’ve been using it for only 2 days and my hands are no longer cracked around the nails. I’ve just ordered some more. Your product is fantastic and has worked a lot better than any other of the many hand creams I’ve tried over the years. Thank you.

  2. Georgina Hodgson

    I have very dry hands, the beeswax repair cream is the best I ha ve every used and one application lasts all day.
    thank you will be ordering more!

  3. Suzanne

    This is amazing, I purchased this while I was on holiday in Wales a couple of weeks ago. My hands and feet have never felt so soft, my cuticles on my nails are normally awful but after using this every night they look great. My husband has been pinching it too and also says how good it is. Please don’t ever change the ingredients I will definitely be purchasing this again and again, thank you!

  4. Louise Mason

    I suffer with severe cracks on one foot which are deep and constantly bleed. I’ve tried alsorts of creams and nothing has ever worked. I bought some of the beeeswax repair cream whilst away in Wales 2 weeks ago and my foot has never been better. All the cracks have healed and there’s very little dry skin left. I’ll definitely be ordering some more x

  5. Bradley Clements

    I am prone to dry skin and spots. When used on blemished faces, it clears right up in mere days…
    I also have a very heavy active life with my martial arts so my hands and feet crack and bleed but the use of this cream has a healing effect on day one!
    Definitely buying at least 2 more tubs of it soon!!

  6. Margaret

    Marvelous for my eczema, soothes and heals for longer than any other cream I have used. Thank you.

  7. Sally Goodman

    I’ve been using this on my husband’s head, which has years of sun damage and was very dry and scaly and it has transformed it! It looks and feels so much better , so I’m about to order some more 🙂

  8. Margaret lee

    I bought your beeswax repair cream for use on my feet. I am diabetic and have tried many many products without success to help with dry skin and the pain. The very first night I used this product I found amazing results and most of all relief. I wasn’t expecting the pain to go but sure enough as the skin became less dry the pain eased off. I am so happy to have found your web page and will be definitely buying more of your products. Finally found one that suits me. Thank you

    • Pauline Aslin

      So pleased for you. Thanks for the comment. Pauline.

  9. Malcolm Iosson (verified owner)

    I have just re-ordered the Beeswax Repair Cream again – having used it for over 4 years now! Brilliant for keeping cracks and dry skin at bay. Each tin lasts for months, as a little goes a long way.

  10. Melanie

    I bought this cream on holiday last year and I use it daily on my dry, eczema prone skin. It has lasted for 7 months. It is fantastic and I’m so happy that I can order more.

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